Monday, September 12, 2011

Hijacking Minds...

What a terrific headline by Drudge!

I found the 9/11 memorial hype this year to be absolutely nauseating.

Realize that in the ten years since 3,000 people died in the attacks...

...that over 400,000 people have died UNNECESSARILY on the roadways - a silent holocaust in and of itself.

To the fools that claim they are *accidents* I call bull$hit. There are people texting, tailgating, weaving, and driving 80 mph in the right hand land everywhere. And there are absolutely no efforts made to get shady uninsured drivers off the road, get illegal immigrants and blind 'old coots' off the road, or to investigate the extent of cordless cellphone usage in crashes. No, the people, the media, and the government just accept this as an immutable reality.

And they do so because it doesn't present a mass marketable, self-aggrandizing opportunity for themselves.

So when every blowhard on the radio and television wants me to reflect on what THEY deem important I punch the off-button with indignation. Realize again that they NEED everybody talking about, worrying about, angry/happy about the same things each day or they simply don't have a market for their *product*; they'll have no one to manipulate.

I suggest that whenever someone else tries to hijack and terrorize your mind that you take appropriate self-defensive measures.

Was 9/11 a big deal?

Yeah, of course it was. You don't have to tell me. I was on the phone with my (future first) wife when the first Tower fell and the line cut off. She was only 4/5 blocks away.

In fact at around 9pm last night when we got back from Maine there was still a massive vigil going on in our hometown of Manhasset, NY. Our *Wall Street* town lost 40 people or so on 9/11.

But still, why were we attacked in the first place?

It was because the powers-at-be let important $hit slide (lax illegal immigration enforcement, threatening rhetoric from overseas caves, etc.) in the first place while they focused on self-serving crap like global warming, gay marriage, and defeating their political opponents opponent.


DU said...

Try 1,950,000 deaths due to hospital error over the last 10 years. More than that if you figure all the elderly dying due to the useless meds MD's put them on. There is certainly more on doctors to be talked about, if you get my not so hidden meaning.

CaptiousNut said...

Hey Du,

What did Napoleon say?

...That when it's all said and done doctors will have killed more earthlings than generals!