Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Thou Shall Not Mention DEBT

This ad was *banned* from all the major color TV networks (last year?) and some of the minor ones like History Channel, etc.

Why the would TV networks do such a thing?

I mean it's not offensive to an ethic group (actually flattering the Chinese).

Oh's offensive to the *ruling class*, the *powers-at-be*!

I've always said that it's telling when someone lies about something insignificant. They're most definitely NOT to be trusted.

By the same token on small beer like this, Big Government reveals itself a fascist and Big Media reveals itself as completely illiberal.

I mean the ocean of REAL CRAP and misinformation they broadcast night and day...

We can only hope that the *banning* notoriety ultimately achieves more than what the original intended viewing would have.

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