Saturday, September 03, 2011

Website Building Chronicles - 2 - Eben Pagan Selling Me On Change

The guy is one of the biggest names in internet marketing. Apparently he's already sold over $100 million worth of info-products online. Some of you might recognize him as *David D'Angelo* of *Double Your Dating* fame.

Anyways I paid $1997 last week to sign up for his Guru Masterclass - in hopes that it would get me moving along with

Well so far it most certainly has. I've learned from him that my innate aversion to *sales/marketing* is something I HAVE to exorcise if I want to remake myself as an edu-coach.

He's got me working on all the basic sales tactics that many of y'all who've been in that line of work are no doubt familiar with: an elevator pitch, copywriting, understanding the prospective customer, etc.

While most of it appears to be commonsense I submit it MOST CERTAINLY IS NOT. Plus it represents a whole new mindset for me. Eben asserts that online wantrepreneurs should spend 80% of their time on MARKETING and only 20% of their time on the PRODUCT. That certainly sounds shady, does it not? Whatever. Like it ain't SHADY to work for a hedge fund, a morally bankrupt corporation, the government, be a union thug,...

There are all these scientifically proven lines of conversation, tactics if you will, to get a customer to essentially do whatever you tell them . It's all about emotional hot buttons, sequencing, selling *benefits* instead of products, etc. For a successful marketer, the key is to not just help people, but more accurately you have to *help them help themselves* AND they will magically pay whatever you charge! Eben preaches this as nothing short of gospel.

I already gave it a whirl, sort of, and this new mindset landed me $12 or so right off the bat.

Yesterday there was a guy at the driving range next to me hitting balls. I instantly noticed that he was making a common error with his swing. A few minutes later his wife came by and told him that they had to go, that they were up next on the tee. Now I hit balls at this course a lot - recall I bought 40,000 range balls there last summer - and usually Hackers get to the course late, foolishly buy more balls than they can hit, and then have to leave a bunch at the range when called to the first tee. Obviously, ball-beaters like me scoop those extras right up.

I said to myself, I bet if I give that guy a tip on his swing he'll give me the balance of his range balls. But what a manipulative, slimy thought, right?

Well I interrupted his practice and told him he was casting real bad, releasing his wrist cock at the top of the swing. About 5 shots later he was beaming and thanked me profusely - even loudly asserting that I should *teach*. He then handed me an entire jumbo bucket of balls that he had sitting there and ran off to the tee.

Now I didn't know he had that many balls he had left but nonetheless, I was positively chilled by the way this played out - how the transaction unfolded just as I imagined.

The balls? Well a year or so later I've hit about 23,000 of them. My left hand is always calloused BUT my swing is at a whole new level!

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