Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pols = Self-Promoting, OPM-Spending Scumbags

I took my kids to Old Bethpage last week. It's a historical recreation of Colonial living: barns, farms, cobblers, butter churning, etc. - that's very similar to Old Sturbridge Village up in Western Massachusetts.

Old Bethpage had some sparsely-attended, 3-day annual event going on.

But plastered throughout, and I mean THROUGHOUT, were those signs pictured above.

Ed Mangano, some Nassau County politician, spent taxpayer monies to stamp his name all over the event. It was almost as if HE had paid for it all!

All the while Nassau County is cutting back on services, laying people off, and on the brink of functional get the picture.

Early this summer our *town* opened a brand new $12 million dollar pool. There was plenty of partying going on for the grand opening: radio station live-broadcasting, balloons everywhere, and an array of local politicians trying to take credit and ride the wave of popular content. (The pool actually stinks. It's 3 feet deep; the diving boards are gone; the water slides are so slow that kids stop midway down; etc.)

Anyways they were there handing out T-shirts to everyone who walked in. But check out what was printed on them:

Yeah, that's right. The shirt had a bunch of unknown politicians/bureaucrats' names emblazoned on the back. Would you want to wear that shirt around town? For crying out loud....the *receiver of taxes*??? I saw quite a few people throw the shirts back on the table.

Of course there's that scumbag in West Virginia with over 50 buildings named after him!

It ought to be a law nationwide that no politician is allowed to put their name on anything that they didn't PERSONALLY pay for in its entirety.

This may seem like small beer and it is, sort of.

It's just that these elected(?) @ssholes spend steal our money and act like they're *royalty*. And considering how confiscatory income taxes far have we actually progressed from Feudalism???

(OPM = "Other People's Money")


Kevin said...

I take it you never visited Mayor Daley's Chicago

CaptiousNut said...


You are correct. Never been there. Would really like to visit and have a go at their famous sloppy lunch food. The bar scene is of interest too.

Anonymous said...

All scum always floats to the top. . These people are all self serving Jerkoffs. They take care of their own agendas. I could not agree with you more.. so much for voting