Friday, December 23, 2011

All Hail The Puppet King!

The thing is, Big Media could have put an end to this if they were the slightest bit inclined. They could still have *their guy* in the White House...

Instead they choose to provide blanket cover - I guess rationalizing in favor of a *larger battle*.

Whatever Obama is, it's important to remember that he's merely a symptom - a symptom of runaway, unaccountable Big Government.

Ron Paul has been gaining steam, despite ZERO media coverage, despite murderous *friendly fire*, despite being anathema to the ruling elites, and despite some of his admittedly wacky stances.

But the people who discount him would be well-served by reading a little history.

Winston Churchill was also Marginalized and considered a loon by the entire political establishment before....before HE SAVED EUROPE from Hitler!

The Last Lion: Winston Spencer Churchill: Alone, 1932-1940 really ought to be REQUIRED READING for young Morons and fossilized Morons alike.


Anonymous said...

So i went to a yankee swap on Christmas Eve at a notoriously liberal locale, Concord NH. I put on my Ron Paul Shirt and dressed the baby boy in his Ron Paul Onesy.
I am getting some food and a quiet older gentlenmen asked me softly about his chances and I told him in my normal voice that he is 1st in Iowa and 2nd in NH right now and the farce about his electability is just another way Big Govt Republicans are trying to marginalize him.
This is when a not so quiet older woman piped up from across the room and said he is a kook and wants to close all the department during rampant unemployment. I asked her how successful those departments have been at reducing our dependence on foreign oil (energy) and was then going towards the education department when her grandson in his late 30's started screaming sarcastically about how he has brilliant ideas. At this point my wife and a good friend who know I am very outspoken about politics came over to me and told me to keep quiet. I found out later the grandson is a educrat in Concord. I had a few pleasant conversations later on that night. There are a lot of people who are going to be voting for him that have been disenfranchised and haven't voted in years.
On primary day, I think I will have my 4 yr old hold a sign out with the national debt number and her share as an american and her share once she becomes a tax payer. I want the baby boomers to feel a little shame as they go in a vote for the establishment. Kfell

CaptiousNut said...

The Boomers feel no shame.

My uncle, my OWN UNCLE told me last week that he will be dead when Social Security blows up; that he doesn't care; he said, "you'll figure it out".

He works full time; makes six figures; and collects over $2,000 per month in SS on top of it.

I wonder what Rush is saying about Ron Paul. I'm sure he's scared to death of him. Will Google only out of slight curiosity.


Just found exactly what I presumed:

Rush, "Ron Paul...nuts on going to destroy this (Republican) party..."

Why do I need to listen to people when I can simply predict THEIR opinions?