Thursday, December 08, 2011

Nazism - Alive And Well In America

Check out what was posted on one of my local homeschooling forums today:

I posted 2 months ago about being reported to CPS for homeschooling my daughter Well they did a few home visits I worked with the school did all my paper work right well they came to my house last week and asked my 2nd grader to write her ABC's and she did. I got a letter today telling me I have been found guilty of abusing of my child and if I do not put her in school by monday they will take my child away. I have the books from the school....they gave me their books, I do all the paper work we do 5 hours a day of school work and I still got in trouble. Schools do not like parents homeschooling because they lose money and they are making it harder on parents who homeschool. I just wanted to let everyone know what we are going through.I have all my paper work in order but CPS said NY just does not believe in homeschooling.

That is nothing short of every homeschooling parent's worst nightmare!

And it happened in a district very close to mine.

This is precisely why I paid a $500 retainer to HSLDA only 2 weeks ago.

See - Hired A Homeschool Legal Posse.

Normally I'm a complete DIY'er....but I anted up after reading the horror stories of these Nazi's masquerading as *Child Protective Services* in - Homeschooling: The Right Choice.

Now if I was FORCED to send my kid to government school for a few weeks I could of course do it and everyone would live.

But what if you homeschooled a child in one of the many horrible/violent school districts? And had to deal with the prospect of your child coming home bullied or beat up?

One of the key things I learned from that book is that you NEVER, EVER, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES let CPS into your house. They will use every dirty trick, (e.g. " will be worse if you don't let me in", "I'll have to ASSUME neglect if you don't let me in")

They might even show up with a police officer.

It doesn't matter. Without a warrant from a judge, you NEVER let them in.

You dial your lawyer (HSLDA), and hand the phone out the door to them.

Furthermore, and this is my own take, I would record the entire conversation with them.

I have a digital voice recorder that only cost $40. I KNOW it's going to save me one day. Some government agent is going to say something they shouldn't have....and I'll have proof.

This poor mother would have been in great shape, legal-wise, if she had taped CPS saying that they *don't believe in homeschooling* - a right that's well-protected by the freakin' Constitution!

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