Friday, December 09, 2011

"No Weekend Golf" - Says Trangendered Male

A WAHD (Work At Home) Dad goes off on *dads* who apparently *do nothing* - as far as the house and kids are concerned:

Really, wake the hell up. Now. I understand that most of you have 9-to-5 jobs, that you leave tired and come home tired and just wanna chill in front of SportsCenter with a bowl of chips. But, seriously, you have no remote idea: Being a stay-at-home parent is exhausting. At the office, you can hide. You can take lunch. You can pretend you're working while scrolling the Internet for Yankees-Blue Jays and, ahem, Lindsay Lohan news. You have genuine social interactions with folks over the age of, oh, 12. People ask questions about your day -- and listen to the answers.

I envy you, but I sort of pity you. Kids grow. Age 1 turns to age 3, which turns to age 7, which turns to 15 and 18 and 21, all in the blink of an eye. If you're there, as I am, it flies. If you're not there -- if you're almost never there -- it barely exists at all. Which is why I just can't stomach those millions of dads who view their days at home as recovery from work, who'd rather rest than engage, who have no problem with passing the tykes off for more alone time with mom and who, literally, moan to their wives, "You have no idea how hard I work."
For you, I offer these 10 commandments of righteous fatherhood. Pay close attention, because, behind your back, people are pitying your wife:

1. No golf on weekends: Seriously, it's ludicrous. Your spouse is home with the kids all the time, and you think it's OK to take five hours on a weekend day to pursue your own pastime? Selfishness, thy name is Father.
Hah! Weekend golf is NEVER only 5 hours. Such an erroneous characterization definitely calls into question his *man cred*.

I have to admit that over the years many moms have waxed astonished that I, a chromosomal male, know how to cook, clean, and rear children.

But the retort to this anti-male propaganda...

Is that I know plenty of stay-at-home women who:
  • Don't teach their kids
  • Hire maids to clean
  • Order out food all the time instead of cooking
  • Spend all day on Facebook,  at yoga class, tennis, or poolside at the club
So the article, unbalanced as it is, says nothing really.

Every family has to work out the division of labor for themselves.

And, if I can retort again, there are plenty of mothers out there who ENABLE lazy husbands one way or another.

If they ultimately want Dad to help out with the kids he needs to be involved from Day One.

If she doesn't like how Dad feeds the baby or gets them dressed and consistently co-opts these tasks for herself...

Then she shouldn't be surprised when down the road he's totally checked out.

Revisit - Hollywood's Typical Stay-At-Home-Dad.

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