Saturday, December 17, 2011

Before SHE Cheats

Another celebrity divorce. I'm shocked!

In these cases it's rather easy to assume that the dude's unfaithfulness was the cause of the breakup.

But with the prospect of a huge *departing bonus* and the freedom to do whatever with whomever they want....I bet more of these divorces are initiated by the wife than most people think.

Back in 2005('04?) when I was living in Charlotte, NC I delivered one of my personally most memorable jokes.

The color TV was on at the bar and it was broadcasting the story of how a married Kobe Bryant allegedly raped that girl in Colorado.

I stately rather loudly, and with my trademark credibility:

"...That's BAD LUCK. The ONE TIME Kobe cheats on his wife he ended up getting caught..."

Taking the bait, some young lady near me went ape$hit over my remark.


And then she stormed out of the bar in a huff.

I can only presume that she was a female chauvinist pig - if not a racist.

(BTW, there is a comedy routine on YouTube that shares the title of this post and parodies the Carrie Underwood song. But it was a little too raunchy for me to embed or link to.)


Anonymous said...

Marriage is like that Adam and apple thing. Ask Clooney, he will tell ya. Or the all other successful (money) men who married for the right reasons or the adam-apple reason, they eventually (most of them) realize the reality.

I think it all boils down to some people personality. Some are not suited to dick around one whiny biatch entire life.

Just over 100 years ago, men in power or who could get away with things (mainly kings and monied people) would either maintain few wives or even harems (middle-east).

It all boils down to procreation and gene-spreading - just as god intended.

Freedom comes in lot of ways, some people like freedom...some need control/managed-choas/soceity-norms etc to keep sanity (feel false security/happiness).

ok here's the question...would you like to fuck 10 sexy/beauty people and they have your babies ? no-strings attached !? if you had your way

CaptiousNut said...


Babies ARE strings.

Anonymous said...

if you have money, those strings can become non-existent. Even if you choose homeschooling path.

CaptiousNut said...

*IF* is useless.

I once read/heard, "IF is for children." - can't remember where/who though.

Though I understand you are just trying to make me consider Mrs. Bryant's cheating from her perspective...