Wednesday, December 21, 2011


At Penn Station in NYC the other day I withdrew $340 from my account...

But it only dispensed $220!

I checked with the bank today and it did in fact confirm that I typed-in/requested $340 on Sunday. I had been doubting myself; and hadn't requested a receipt.

After a *first check* they haven't found any problems with the money count from that ATM. So I've had to file some sort of appeal.

Of course this is Bank of America we are talking about.

I've never had a problem with Capitol One. See an old receipt of mine above.

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Anonymous said...

That sounds like it could be difficult to prove absent some video evidence of the amount you actually received. Did your account get debited for $340?

On a different line my local grocery store advised me to cancel my credit/debit card if I'd used it at their self checkout stations. Somebody installed skimming equipment to steal info from cards used there.
Living without that card for about a week made me appreciate it all the more. And now you're telling me you got cheated at the atm machine!