Friday, December 02, 2011

Windows - Bringing The Outside In

It's been unseasonably warm the past few weeks - 60+ degrees for late November.

Aside from squeezing in a few more rounds of golf, I've been running around the house opening windows.

In fact all winter long I do this on warmer days. Get that stale air, get those germs (and I'm hardly a germaphobe) out!

I'm no scientist (a feather in my cap!) but I believe that it's not so much cold weather that makes everyone sick in the winter so much as it is a lack of fresh air.

I've heard that Catherine The Great never got *sick* - even though she was constantly getting lymphocyte injections from random, scared-to-death studs - and that the main reason for her persistent health was the fact that she slept with the windows wide open every night. Realize she lived in ARCTIC Russia.

So open your windows when you can. It definitely can't hurt (outside of your heating bill).

What do I know? Well the Nut goes years between catching colds...

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