Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Instead Of Worrying About Credit Risk...

So while the bank is losing tens/hundreds of billions....they still have time to promulgate an extracurricular POLITICAL CAMPAIGN.

For more on this very topic visit my killer classic post - Bank of America's Ken Lewis - Socialist Hero, Shareholder Villain.

Recall when Al Gore's sci-fi motion picture came out - A Convenient Myth - Kenny had them screening the movie, at work, all day long!

Look at that graphic above again.

Melvin Dwork???

Did God make him gay? Or did the people who named him? Seriously.

Perhaps it would have been wise for him to take his mother's last name.

Then again, perhaps he did!

For the record, I don't care who's in the military - SO LONG AS THEY CUT IT IN HALF budget-wise.

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