Sunday, December 11, 2011

Propaganda Sculpting Reality

Predictable spin!

While I don't follow the din of contemporary politics even a little bit...

I'm 1,000% sure that Newt Gingrich has negligible genuine support among Republicans.

But Big Media (Big Government'ss apparatchik) most certainly wants this loser on the ballot next fall - just as they salivated at facing that Moronic 'old coot' John McCain the last time around.

The only people I've ever even heard talk about Newt Gingrich....are the most devout illiberals within my social circles.

One could easily make the case that the special interest socialists actually would rather Mitt Romney get the nomination...and I won't argue against that hypothesis.

From that it follows that Big Media is just disposed toward building up upstarts for the purpose of weakening the alleged frontrunner/entire field.

Whoever won that debate if anyone actually watched, or cares,....whoever is the frontrunner remains immaterial.

My point is that the news from the big pipe is nothing short of pure propaganda. It's designed to DEFORM rather than inform minds.


Anonymous said...

Newt annoys all of the right people. That's the biggest part of his attraction since the other "candidates" seem about as threatening to Obama as a day old puppy. Which is, in turn, slightly more dangerous than John McCain or Bob Dole.
It's mind boggling: a loser like Obama gets elected, ticks off a large number of voters, and might have to face the Newtster for reelection?
You can't make this stuff up!

Anonymous said...

An opposition political party needs to choose a candidate to run against Obama. All right so far. But to do it with these ridiculous "debates" moderated by self-righteous big media prigs who get to frame the terms of debate, choose the questions, and tell us what to think of the answers is way beyond stupid.
Maybe the GOP should just disband now and save itself the embarrassment of fielding the pathetic candidate who will emerge from this process.

CaptiousNut said...

More than once on this blog I've called for the GOP to disband.

This is (one place) where Rush Limbaugh is tragically wrong.

He thinks he and his dittoheads can work within an inherently evil party system.

I say *evil* because the first priority of entrenched political parties is to retain power.

This leads to *triangulation* and *moderation* of course....and to an underwhelming ballot every quadrennium.

Then Rush will have the balls to complain about a third party (Ron Paul?) hurting the one he mistakenly thinks he can control!