Sunday, December 04, 2011

De-Comercializing Christmas - Giving A Thoughtful Nothing

My wife was whining about having to buy her staff Christmas presents this year. Thankfully she no longer has 42 wage slaves underneath her! I think it's down to 6 or 7.

A bottle of champagne? Well Vueve Cliquot is $45 a bottle now. I recall not long ago when it was only $30!

Like a good life partner I'm always encouraging her to *not spend* in every department. Did y'all read that famous book - which asserts wealthy people are incredibly cheap but their spouses are EVEN FAR MORE stingy?

My wife started Googling and came up with giving them all *2 days paid vacation*.

Hah! What a terrible gift!

CaptiousSpouse - That's sort of like when I haven't bought you anything for one of the 5 freakin' days EACH YEAR THAT I HAVE's like giving you coupon for one free 4-minute massage...

While definitely still wage slaves, they are salaried and will have to get their work done no matter what. Days off are meaningless; Blackberries come with wherever. Plus it costs the boss nothing to give - especially since the employer is a large corporation.

CaptiousSpouse - If you are going to that, you may as well just tell them you made a donation in their names to the Human Fund!

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