Thursday, December 08, 2011

Only Morons Shop At Retail Stores!

Approaching the Kwanza/Festival of Trees' season....

Amazon boxes are piling up on our doorstep.

But even before the holiday season we were still getting at least a shipment or two per week.

Amazon Prime has got to be one of the best things on this overheated planet.

For $79 per year you get free 2-day shipping on most items.

I mean if you need something trivial like *nailclippers* you can get them door-delivered with a couple of clicks. No more waiting to get a free-shipping $25+ order together; and no more waiting 2 weeks for them to show up.

And I want thank everybody who's been ordering products through my Amazon Affiliate links.

You can buy ANYTHING through ANY of my Amazon links and they will deposit the 4-5% commission in my son's account. In other words you can click on a link to a book....then from there search Amazon for any type of product and my son will get referral credit.

I do have the Amazon Store page linked above and I've also added an Amazon Search widget on my sidebar.

Thanks again. And get Amazon Prime, will ya?

It the best thing I've bought since my first DVR 10+ years ago. Prime is a life-changing event. Seriously.

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Anonymous said...

Do you read any of Karl Denninger's blog market ticker? He has a new book out Leverage, how cheap money will destroy the world. I bought it for my father in law but plan on reading it first before i give it to him.