Friday, September 12, 2008

Another Homeschool Success Story

Apparently Florida quarterback Tim Tebow was homeschooled.

Note he's the only underclassman to ever win the Heisman Trophy (2007). Click the Wikipedia link above to read about his unusual path to stardom.

I came upon this nugget while trying to find the jabroni that West Coast Tom mentioned.


ManUtd17 said...

Tebow's recruitment came down to UF and Bama. Coincidentally perhaps, a movement was started in Alabama to pass legislation similar to FL's that allowed homeschooled kids to play high school athletics. Perhaps if Tebow had selected Bama over UF, the AL legislature would've passed that bill already. Instead it continues to languish in committee.

west coast tom. said...

here's the link for the CA QB:,0,497851.column

-turns out I misspoke. He's the next TOP PROSPECT in all of CA for high school QB's!!

west coast tom. said...

here's a blurb rom the article:

"Connette has the skills to be a standout, and everything starts with his intelligence.

He was home schooled and taught by his mother until he reached high school, and he hasn't received a grade other than A in two years at Santiago."

coachg said...

nice segment on Sunday Morning television show today

CaptiousNut said...

Coach G,

To what are you referring? That HS q-back?