Tuesday, September 23, 2008


...the queen-sized bed.

Yeah, we started locking her in her room - the South Shore Vampire, but sometimes getting up EVERY 20 minutes, all night long, wears us out even the sternest martinets. Last night I brought her into our bed after her fifth screaming episode around midnight. She's actually a little bit sick right now.

She's tiny, but she flops around all-night, kicking you in the head; she lies on top of the blankets, pinning you down with insufficient bedding. Last night I must have woken up ten times. I froze my nads off to boot.

Young couples listen up. Have some foresight, get the largest bed you can find - a California King (longer) or an Eastern King (wider)!

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Anonymous said...

What the -? I slept in a contortionist position last night next to our 5 month old. I put her down for a cat nap at 5:50PM on our bed since she sleeps so well there (yes, a queen). The girl proceeded to sleep until 3AM. That may be the longest she has ever slept at a stretch. Bigger is better with beds.

yes, its me again.