Sunday, September 14, 2008

Fedex Would Have Been Faster

I just did a google image search of "perry eidelbus" and look what came up:

I can't believe google subtitled him as a "closet invert". He's getting married (allegedly) (to a female) for crying out loud!

Due to a reader request, I had to check up on old pal Perry Eidelbus. Supposedly his mail-order bride arrived (or maybe she didn't; maybe they are wedding offshore). He announced on his blog that he was finally getting married on this past Friday. I hope he posts his gift registry so I don't have to *use my imagination*. Me and my staff here at Marginalizing Morons wish him all the best.

Shoot, he got "engaged" in October. I thought these old fashioned marriages we done a whole lot faster than 12 months.

A Snail Mail-Order Bride?

UPDATE - Perry has blocked my direct links to his posts. So to get to his blog from here, one must right-click on my links, copy the shortcut, and paste into another browser tab or window. For more on this childish tactic of his - click here.


Fafard on the 16th said...

Thanks for the update on P.E.

west coast tom. said...

Oh man, I was just about to write that your most prolific month won't be complete without some clowning on the clown...good work.