Monday, September 01, 2008

Pushing The Envelope

So what exactly does that mean? Click here to read its somewhat interesting etymology.

Last month, while I rode out my foundering shorts, I decided to ramp up my blog output. As you can readily see in the right margin, I have been averaging around 20 posts per month. Since my *hits* have been steadily climbing, I figured why not push the envelope on my output and see what happens. Ambitiously, I aimed for 50 posts in August. Alas, I had inlaws with me all last week and playing *summer camp counselor* really hampered my best efforts. Still I managed 44 blog posts - even if many of them were *lighter* than usual.

This blog remains a work-in-progress; hopefully its evolution will reflect and keep apace of my non-inverted personal learning curve. These days, I am trying to exploit my scarce spare moments, be they showertime, driving, watching my kids at the playground, etc. to come up with more posting inspirations. Self-motivation isn't such an easy undertaking - particularly with something as non-remunerative as Marginaling Morons.

For 3.5 years now I have gotten up at all hours to scribble down musings. Finally, just last month, I decided to put the notebook on my nightstand!

Let's aim for 55 posts this month.

[Oh shoot, I have a 4 day golf trip in Naples at the end of the's going to be tough.]

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