Thursday, September 04, 2008

Striking Analogy

One of my age-peers (we are 34) just told me they joined, the social networking site.

I laughed. We are a little too old of that, perhaps by five years or so.

The immediate image that came to mind was a bald guy (with a goatee) whizzing by in a convertible.


Anonymous said...

You might be surprised by Facebook. It is not like Myspace. Even I am a member-its kind of entertaining to see what people you went to school with are up to.

Slow out

ManUtd17 said...

CaptiousNut speaks from ignorance. That's like scoffing at the notion of email in 1993. "Who's going to communicate on a computer? That's not communication. Write a letter. Or pick up the damn phone. Email! Please."

west coast tom. said...

You ought to listen to what your two friends are telling you. I think you're just pissed that someone from Penn didn't come up with the idea first...

But I understand why you don't join. You don't what all ofus to find out you're a Tranny!