Friday, September 12, 2008

When Up Is Down

About 1.5 months ago this blog descended into sports-talk. I penned Boston Does Not Deserve Manny Ramirez - It Never Did.

Well, Manny has since gone on to the LA Dodgers and promptly knocked the cover off the ball. I just got this email from a Masshole friend of mine:

Here are the numbers since August 1st for this particular NL player:

14 HR
40 RBI

(first player since 1940 with numbers this high)

Team: 4 back in NL West on July 31
Team: 4 up in NL West today

Does this player deserve consideration for NL MVP?

That player....

Manny Ramirez

Then of course my buddy's father chimed into the email thread:

Shows you how much he dogged it and stuck it to Boston. May the stagnant urine of 1,000 irate camels fill his water bottle and may black widow spiders find a home in his shampoo bottle.

Now it's but a detail who wrote that. It could have come from my father, any of my uncles, my grandfather, or from just about any grumpy old Masshole you meet.

In their minds, there's NOTHING, NO POSSIBLE evidence whatsoever that could prove to them they were wrong - on anything! If Manny plays great, well, he was dogging it in Boston; if he plays bad, well, we told you he was *done*.

I could see being cognitively dissonant on more emotional, egocentric things like say politics.

But sports? C'mon.

The next thing you know, Massholes will be electing politicians who think *government failure* is an argument for *more government*. [jest]


west coast tom. said...

Dude, Manny OWNS Los Angeles right now. Every day, in LA Times sports section, there is an article about how Manny is kickin' a$$. He's hitting .396!! And all those RBI's have come in a scant 38 games!

Even the newscasters, often state "...once AGAIN, Manny carries the team..."

When they played the Diamonbacks...some great pitching...for first place (and most likely, the playoffs). The first two games Manny had 5 rbi's! The second game was a multi-homer game.

I hope he stays here personally.

CaptiousNut said...

And David Ortiz's production has fallen off.

Easier to pitch around him now.