Tuesday, September 02, 2008

More Childish Vampire Tales

I've already blogged about my daughter, the South Shore Vampire and her biting exploits. Here's another biting tale.

The other day, a local mother told me she had a playgoup/playdate thing going on at her house that was befallen with a *biting incident*. One boy bit another and it "...effectively ended the playdate" because of all the collateral maternal dramatics.

Whatever, right? These things happen all the time. A bite ain't the end-of-the-world by any stretch. There aren't thousands of underachieving, scarred adults fumbling around on the planet whose misfortunes can be traced back to being bitten, now are there?

I fully expect these mothers to occasionally overreact - especially in this zone of wealth and frivolity. But guess what happened here.

This *biting incident* apparently blew up into such a big deal that it ended the MEN'S POKER GAME!

Can you believe that? What kind of Loser dudes would let their wives catfighting dictate who they drink and gamble with?


Anonymous said...


I was really hoping to see a political post about Palin. Someone who advocates abstinence based sex-ed and now has a 17 year old preggo daughter. There is really a lot of material there.

Slow out

CaptiousNut said...

My wife is big on abstinence too!