Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Slide Over Justice, We Have Another Bailout

Contemporary politics is usually not covered on my high-minded blog. Today will be a brief detour, er, a brief descent.

It nauseates me to hear people tooting Vice Presidential Nominee Sarah Palin's horn. I don't care what she's done or who she is. As a Vice President, she'll be powerless. John McCain remains a complete scumbag and a thundering Moron. All Sarah Palin can possibly do in the next 2 months (potentially plus four years) is dupe some dopes into forgetting who's heading the ticket.

I fully understand that many of her defenders/apologists have, well, complicated agendas. They may be more interested in attacking her attackers (e.g. Big Media) or in defending "working mothers" or whatever.

The fact is, in my book, the praise that she's getting is a joke.

I'd reserve that level of adulation for a person who TURNED DOWN John McCain, not for someone who agrees to be his token stooge.

One example of note is Rush Limbaugh. He's a to-the-bone John McCain hater who's been out there everyday defending Sarah Palin - or so he thinks. He's actually doing McCain's dirty work; he's doing McCain's *damage control*. Whether or not this tack helps Rush's larger anti-Big Media crusade or not, in my opinion, John McCain should be left out to dry on this one, alone.

Most ironically, even before John McIdiot won the nomination, Rush had accused McCain with his *triangulation* and New York Times brown-nosing as naive. He hypothesized that McCain thought HE was using the organs of agitprop to further his political ambition. Meanwhile, obviously, Big Media felt like THEY were wagging McCain (and Lindsey Graham, Tom Daschle, et alia) to weaken the GOP. Rush paternally warned McCain that when push came to shove, if and when the question was McCain or Hillary Clinton, that McCain's media *friends* would turn on him. Of course that's exactly how it played out.

Now, I don't care how Rush Limbaugh or Michelle Malkin spin it, right now they are the ones are being unwittingly *used*.

By my estimation, a pure socialist is far less dangerous than this complete j*rkoff. At least the former is predictable.

Defending John McCain for anything, as far as I am concerned, is like propping up or bailing out an investment bank that should be *allowed to fail*.

That's actually quite a good analogy if I do say so myself. Furthermore, anyone abetting McCain's rise forfeits the right to complain about him later on.

I want to reiterate. If Sarah Palin had half the probity her fans are proclaiming, she'd have told John McCain that he was an unmitigated ButtHead and that she would be dishonored to share the ticket with him.

Clearly she's a terrible judge of character and has at least the rudiments of an ego problem.

And there's nary a soul on this planet who knows more about *ego problems* than myself!

(Painting by Memling)


Anonymous said...

So after all that-are you going to vote or what? Obviously you disapprove of both candidates. In Mass of course your vote won't count, just like it doesn't in all but about 6 states. But still?

Slow out.

Jess said...

Once again, great commentary. I have no time for politics other than the great chance it gives a person to study human nature and it always amazes me that so many people are so gullible.

CaptiousNut said...

Probably won't vote.

I am just too busy.