Thursday, September 11, 2008

Homeschooling Might Have To Be Imposed!

This month Forbes allowed three nerds to pontificate on what they call "education".

Now the crux of the article was that students should graduate to higher levels of learning PROVIDED they master preceding ones. Captain Obvious might very well sue for plagiarism.

So big deal, right? Vapidity is mass produced by the media.

But one excerpt excerpt from Teaching To The New Test got me rattled:

When K--12 education in the U.S. was done in one-room schoolhouses, most instruction occurred at individualized rates. Then an explosion in the student population in the early 20th century forced schools to adopt one-size-fits-all instruction. They borrowed from factories the concept of batch processing, with a fixed time spent in each stage of the process of assembling an educated person. Repair, rework and reject became a costly element of the system, just as it did in assembly plants.

So there you have another striking manifestation of the authors' ignorance. Saying that a population explosion FORCED factory schooling is like saying that - in World War II, the United States BOMBED thousands of innocent Japanese civilians without any mention of Pearl Harbor or the Bataan Death March.

Only government and thugs have the power to FORCE anything on anyone. One-room schoolhouses were not subject to any mandates or curricula until they were IMPOSED on them from those in power.

Who was it that ran America 100 years ago? Well, it was the powerful industrialists who used an erstwhile small Big Government to impose education of the batch processing variety.

They did it because they were deathly afraid of labor strikes. I will let my prior post handle the enlightening context:

In 1908, when the play opened in Washington, the United States was in the middle of absorbing the largest influx of immigrants in its history – Irish and Germans, followed by Italians and East Europeans, Catholics and Jews – some 18 million new citizens between 1890 and 1920. (link)

Well, the industrial capitalists (Robber Barrons) who ran the country had as their greatest fears, strikes and labor unrest. Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford, and their cohorts saw compulsory schooling as the vehicle to tame this horde of alien rabble. Schools would teach kids obedience to authority. Immigrant students would be Americanized, molded into productive citizens, forced to cite the Pledge of Allegiance, and LEARN ENGLISH.

There you have it, you Forbes-writing buffoons. The system is broken because it wasn't designed to serve your misbegotten premise!

Sometime I can't stomach for these Morons.

Mass schooling has always been about POLITICAL MIND CONTROL.

It would be nice if Forbes and other solution-minded entities gave a platform to someone with a fundamental clue.


west coast tom. said...

There was an article in the LA Times a while back about up and coming high school quarterbacks. Well one of the kids who got the highest marks was...get this...home schooled! Well at least until high school anyway. Turns out he hasn't gotten anything less than an A in over two years! The article went on to mention how he is so much more developed, mentally, than the others.

Anonymous said...


Dude you have to check out this great parody of IBankers. I imagine you have run into a few these monkeys back in the day.