Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Woulda Coulda Shoulda

In the past several months I have made more than a few trades that should have been *long term disinvestments*.

I have shorted Washington Mutual at $21.50.

I have shorted Fannie Mae at $39 per share.

And, sadly, I had a short position on Lehman Brothers at $47.45

See these two links Trading Update and May Trading Update.

Yesterday WaMu closed at $3.30,

Shares of Fannie Mae now qualify for the Dollar Store, closing at $.99 apiece.

And Lehman Brothers closed at $7.79.

It's been a rough year for me. I closed out those shorts and moved on to others like Wells Fargo, Simon Property Group, HSBC, etc. that haven't exactly worked out.

AND I just made another mistake. I used "Google Finance" hyperlinks above. Soon, I will have to go back and edit this post, replacing them with "Wikipedia" links!

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