Friday, September 05, 2008

Post-Summer Depression

I have to confess that I have been very glum the past couple of weeks. Temperatures here have been dropping into the 50s at night - as they do every year at the end of August.

You see, there's no fall (or spring) here in Beantown - or at least not one of any duration. Once the summer is over, we lose a lot of daylight, and the depressing reality of our 6 month winter comes to fore.

There's no embellishment here. The *changing seasons* here really get me down. Boats are getting pulled out of the water. The lifeguards are gone from the beach (and the bathrooms are locked shut). Heck, I've used my air conditioner but once in the past two weeks - and that was yesterday. Before you know it, we'll be flinching and wincing as we plop our hiney's down on cold toilet seats.

Alright this is the year I vow to make good on my annual threat to spend a couple of winter months in Naples!

The real problem with my pipe dream is leaving my wife up here. I'm not comfortable having her sleep in an empty house. If we had a dog I'd feel a whole lot better.

I wonder if Boston was the inspiration for this song...

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