Thursday, October 02, 2014

Bad Parents Congratulating Each Other

That's from the "confessional" at (a 'no follow' link).

I read a homeschooling article there and was surprised to see the site had 500,000 Facebook likes.

In the confessional, bad mothers confess and readers can either like, support (Hug), or "co-confess", (Me Too).

In other words, there is no option for saying to an expectant mother who is smoking pot, "Shame on You!" or "You're an A$$hole!".

Obviously if there was such an option, the confessional would be deserted - or at least less populated.

If you look through the confessions you'll find many mothers who hate their kids, who lie to their husbands, who are unfaithful, deceitful, lazy, and you name the vice and they are guilty.

Of note, many are pot smokers (or worse) and all but worship their "drug dealers".

I wonder how the woman who started the website really feels about condoning such horrible parenting and married behavior???

Today there is no shaming because Morons and jerks just find other Morons and jerks to associate/insulate themselves with. For example,....the entire city of Cambridge, Massachusetts!

This also highlights a problem with Facebook where one can only "Like" a post, website, or comment.

I mean a binary (up or down, yes or no) system is problematic enough for intelligent dialogue....but a unitary system??? That's ridiculous.

And this is also the source of Facebook's current problems. "Likes" are too easy to manipulate. So Facebook users have liked too many things and thus Facebook has no idea what items to feature in news feeds.

At least YouTube has a down arrow that can offset any manipulated 'ups'...

Years ago, as a test/jumpstart I bought 500 likes for this website from, i.e. for $5. It was apparently all fake accounts that were ultimately shutdown. It did nothing for traffic at all.

For my new website, I've taken the opposite approach - no promotion at all. I only have 88 likes but they are all real, all organic. I will continue to grow it this way, slowly, in search of my 1,000 true fans.