Sunday, October 31, 2010

Rhyming Presidential History

Stuff like this is streaming into my inbox these days:

It is *well-done* but so what.

I do have a problem with people who focus all their anger on *Obama* so much. After all, Congress is the real problem....and has been for decades. Heck my MIL insists that her electricity bill was high ($500?) in July on account of Obama - even though it was the hottest July in a 100 years in NYC or something!!!

Furthermore, the worst things he's done so far (outside of the stalled Obamacare) amount to nothing more than a continuation of Bush policies: bailouts, stalled foreclosures, fighting terror in overseas caves, and runaway money printing.

From where I sit, putting aside Supreme Court nominations, it's darn tough to argue that he's been worse than Bush (No Child Left Behind, Prescription B, Amnesty, bailouts, etc.).

And as pessimistic as I am about what the anti-Democrats would actually do should power alternate back to them next week, if a handful of 'old coot' Congresspeople get voted out this week, it would indeed be something to sort of celebrate.

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I genuinely feel bad for people who heed this *din*:

I myself wouldn't say the mosque was *inappropriate*.

I'd assert that the plans to build it there were a clear and deliberate *middle finger* - and THAT is why people might/should oppose it.

And I do wonder if Barbara Walters has ever thought about what being on that show is doing to her journalistic image - to her *legacy*...

Yeah, he does live down the street, about 1.5 miles away.

Bill is really getting old, no?

Cleaning Out My Funny Folder

Won't get down without her *stimulus check*!  (Southcentral LA)

Ink For Taylor!

And funnies for the rest of us:

Bill Gates! (traffic violation)

Friday, October 29, 2010

Masks For Morons?


I just realized why I was never at all into Halloween.

I was always extremely comfortable as MYSELF!

Probably a little bit too comfortable...

Stalin's Ghost

America is like a healthy body and its resistance is threefold: its patriotism, its morality, and its spiritual life. If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within.


It's hard to believe in all my reading I've never before come across that important quote.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Marginalizing Giddy Republicans

Boy are the so-called Republicans and self-styled conservatives all geeked up for next week, eh?

I've never seen my MIL (or Matt Drudge) so damn giddy.

But I say big deal - very little is going to meaningfully change come January even if Congress flips the other way.

The operating deficit was an ineffable $1.3 trillion over the past 12 months!

And the Republican's ambitious plan:

U.S. House Republicans plan to try to slash $100 billion from the federal budget as early as January...
Yeah, that'll help! Shaving less than 10% of the annual DEFICIT will really go a long way to curing what ails this nation; it'll go a real long way to slowing down the printing press supporting our warped economy.

Look, I've said it more than a few times on this blog.

The Democrats shanked their drive into the woods and the Republicans, playing match play instead of against *par*, decided to tee off with a 7-iron. They're just hoping their triple-bogey is one better than the Democrats sure snowman (quadruple bogey).

Of course Republicans don't actually stand for anything. They are merely a well-oiled alternative. Our binary political choice amounts to opting for their sins of *omission* versus their opponent's sins of *commission*.

Not to mention....this economy is about to head off a cliff! So who really wants to take the wheel? I most certainly wouldn't if I were a slightly farsighted slimy politician.

My giddy 76.78 year old MIL is planning on going to a bar on Tuesday night to watch the election returns with the 20 total(!) members of the Nassau County Republican Club.

I told her that in the most unlikely chance that Barney Frank actually loses, if that happens I'd join her little celebration.

But that's about the only thing about the election that'd be worth of giddyness.

Some Privacy, Please

While there's no *right to privacy* enumerated in the Constitution...

I submit that privacy is indeed a basic human need.

And it's especially important for those still in developmental stages, i.e. CHILDREN and YOUNG ADULTS.

But how much privacy do today's kids really enjoy?

Locked in a classroom cell with 30 of their infantile peers all day long FOR 12+ YEARS(!), their lives are essentially broadcast from a glass bubble. Everything from what they wear, their daily moods, their grades, their athletic ability, with whom they associate, their pimples, etc. instantly becomes *public knowledge*.

Without meaningful time to themselves, children cease to be *individuals*, do they not? In fact, most never had a chance.

I know that personally I need a whole lot of alone-time. No matter how depressed, frustrated, or angry I am throughout my life, given a little solitude I can almost always work my way out of it.

It may not be the best retort out there....but the next time I hear someone invoke a *right to privacy* in a political argument I'm going to ask them their stance on compulsory, 1-on-30 government education.

From another angle, that might be the best possible retort against the existence of such a right:

"What do you mean there's an implicit *right to privacy*....take a look at government schools!"

Busting On Asians = Politically Acceptable

Check out this funny site that mocks foreign translations (mostly Asian) of English words.

I don't think it's funny - AT ALL.