Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Omnipotent, Again!

It took over two weeks....but I've finally had all my *powers* restored.

The electric had been out essentially for the last 15 days due to the *storm of the century*.

Either due to that or to a gigantic union scam that has all the utility wires running through heavily treed BACKYARDS. (Union workers from all across the country are making double pay here....for 4 WEEKS.)

The pic above was just a pitching wedge from my house and the main culprit for the lost power....for the first week or so anyway.

You can't see it too clearly, but there are actually two trees that fell across the street - snapping the wires and poles.

Whatever. It went by fast. It wasn't that bad. But I may have been THE ONLY PERSON on Long Island (or NJ) who wasn't whining like a spoiled b*tch these past couple of weeks.

I got a ton of exercise in. I cleaned out my cupboards of canned goods that threatened to sit there for decades a la my/your parents!

Basically no one can amuse themselves today without a color TV or a color iPad.

I actually sort of enjoyed it all.

There are a few pics from my town - here.

And I wrote a bit about the experience on HomeschoolDad.com.

It truly has been a very educational time....about what is truly needed in the course of a day, etc.

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Marginalizing Vote-Wasters

Did you vote for Romney or Obama today?

Well you WASTED your vote!

See what I did there?

I'm doing this to everyone in person too. I'm preempting their sophistry. I'm throwing it right back at them.

I voted for Gary Johnson today - I think - or whoever it was on the libertarian ballot. Someone I haven't a clue about.

The rest of y'all voted for someone who either admits to wanting to do very bad things or someone who promises to do good things....but most certainly won't get anything meaningful done.

Either way, if you voted for an organized political party again, you WASTED YOUR VOTE. I mean your vote didn't count one iota towards either changing the course of this sinking ship or towards changing the intellectual/moral bankruptcy of your political party.

When Kerry couldn't beat Bush in '04 it (I believe) marked the first time in many, many moons that an incumbent president wasn't ousted during a lethargic economy.

But it looks like Obama (73% odds of winning on those gambling sites at the moment) has a good chance to keep that winning streak going for recession-Presidents. Heck, FDR kept getting reelected during the Great Depression too...

Generally speaking, there are myriad reasons to vote nonetheless.

Though I can't stand these fools that delude themselves about how important their measly vote is. I mean this country is run by 'old coots', lawyers, and thugs for the benefit of 'old coots', lawyers, and thugs and it will be until some once-in-a-generation, sharp-as-hell, tough-as-nails President sneaks in there and starts throwing haymakers at them.

I heard recently something along the lines that *voting was the last/only refuge of the truly powerless*.


And I was reminded of that quote the other day...

While walking up 6th Ave in NYC I came across two obscenely disheveled, obese hippies prattling on and on about the election. I slowed my pace for purposes of self-amusement/eavesdropping and heard the 'old bag' say, "....my biggest fear is that he'll be SELLING Supreme Court judgeships..."

This halted the 'old coot' in his tracks, he grabbed her arm and proceeded to wax hysterical agreement!

I mean they might not have 10 years left between them - and I doubt very much they have kids and grandkids. Trust me - I'm an expert at this type of profiling.

Half the country is going to be crestfallen tomorrow...