Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Boozing Chronicles - Funny People

So on my last night out boozing in NYC...

We're at Spring Lounge - probably our favorite watering hole these days - and some adjacent chick kept looking in our direction.

That place is generally *hopping* - people in and out in waves, which is what we like about it - and eventually I get to talking to the eyelash-batter.

She tells me that she's a comedian comedienne and has her own show on HBO.


Except that I never heard of it; AND except that she wasn't very funny. But whatever.

She's the redhead in the clip above. It was her birthday *night out* and she was celebrating with a female friend, i.e. no man in her life at 34 years of age and despite *stardom*. Y'all know how girls are about these things!

Everyone tells her she's a cross between Kathy Griffin and Bette Midler - I guessed both correctly! And I must say that she looked a whole lot better in person, in the (dim lit?) bar than on camera. Had much better hair.

When she was informed that I was married she became visibly irate - which cracked my buddy up something fierce. I had no idea that a 4-minute conversation at a bar constituted the beginnings of a relationship!

So I go home and check out some YouTube clips of her show. Man was it crass and unladylike! I'm sure her parents are proud. [sarcasm]

Furthermore, I'm getting sick and tired of meeting professional *comedians* who aren't half as funny as I am.

Heck in the summer I went to a comedy club and I ripped more jokes at the table than were heard from the stage!

One more thing....

So I asked her if she could mention me on her Twitter feed or something.

She said she couldn't BUT she said she'd mention me in *her material*.

Oh the IRONY - check out this clip, starting at the 1:55 mark.

That is indeed Kathy Griffin, do you get IT?

Anyways, I right away fired back at this comedienne manqué, "HOW ABOUT I MENTION YOU IN MY MATERIAL!"


David said...

She has an HBO show? She needs to pass the drugs. No mention of this show anywhere on HBO, and her only IMDB credits other than the web show is a Law and Order episode from 2006. I was a little surprised to find she was not the daughter of Chevy Chase and Kathy Griffin, given she's annoying and not funny.

Looking at the episode list for the web show, I shake my head in what we pass off as material...

- marrying a vibrator
- pushing tampons at a middle school
- trolling for a sugar daddy at a gay professional convention

Wow. The cutting edge of comedy. We've gone from "Who's on first?" to marrying a sex toy. I now understand what the late, great Sam Kinison saw with a similar phenomenon, rap music:

CaptiousNut said...

Hah! Like is said, CRASS.

The comedy club scene it just as bad in terms of content.

That was Bill Cosby's asset - that he could be funny and clean.