Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Government Lie Of The Day - Illliteracy

Check out this chart:

Only a complete Moron would believe this self-serving Big Government lie - that by 1979 only .6% of Americans were illiterate.

And here's the *summary*:

The higher levels of education attained by young adults in the most recent decades suggest that the overall education level of the population will continue to rise slowly into at least the early 21st century.

Meanwhile, if you took away the graphics and order-by-number menu at - or at least the speed of the line - there would grind to a halt.


Laura said...

Ack, I wish I could get my mitts on a chart proving your assumption. I believe it was in an article written by John Taylor Gatto. It showed the literacy level of military inductees. It was based, if my memory serves, on their ability to pass a reading and writing test. As you assert here, a higher percentage of troops in WWI could read well than those in subsequent conflicts, with seriously declining scores in the past few decades. Not that I'm a fan of tests but I'm guessing those who grew up in the 1890's spent much LESS time on homework and much MORE time on real tasks as well as free play than today's kids.

Anonymous said...

I have worked as an engineer for some years.
I regularly get email [from managers with advanced degrees] that is disorganized and poorly phrased.
It makes me wonder, as a friend says, what the "stupid" people are like.

I recently read the first volume of Winston Churchill's History of the Second World War. In it were numerous declassified memos between Churchill and the various British ministers and service Chiefs of Staff. I was struck by the clear, crisp organization and phrasing.
It's a stark contrast to the kind of "communications" I receive today!

Anonymous said...

I can tell you that, as a child, I spent much less time on homework than my kids did (youngest just graduated HS).
It looks to me like homework assignments given today are extremely time consuming yet somehow manage to not aid the student in learning essential things like clear thinking and organization.
My guess is that public education has gone seriously downhill in just the last thirty years.
Gosh, what's not to like? More work, poorer results ...

CaptiousNut said...

And a lot more taxpayer money!

My school district spends 26k per student!!!!!

It's going to kill the real estate market via insufferable property taxes too.