Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Present In The Moment?

I enjoy the pleasure of going out all night boozing in Manhattan, probably 1.5 times per month.

I just cannot believe, that these Moronic youngsters are soooooo addicted to their cordless cellphones.

EVERYONE you look at is staring at an electronic gadget: video games, Facebook, texting, etc.

I mean even if they are out in a group at least 75% of them are face-down in a phone, 75% of the time.

And if they are, God forbid,'s an automatic that they will be, ESPECIALLY nubile women.

That picture above isn't really even accurate. If it was, the chick would have her phone out behind his head too!

For a while now I've been thinking of a strategy to employ...

Perhaps I wear a shirt out in town that says, *Chicks who stare at phones all-night will stay single longer than Carrie Bradshaw*?

Or *The Ugliest Girls In Manhattan Stare At Phones In Bars*?

I know - they both suck. Still thinking hard...

The bars and restaurants in NYC are freakin' awesome - and this is what kills me. I can see this being an epidemic in a worse scene, e.g. Boston.

Self-absorbed in the youth culture, they have NO IDEA how stupid and insecure they look.

While they couldn't care less what I - an 'old coot'(?) - think....maybe instead of a donning a cleverly worded t-shirt I'll just accost them verbally?

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