Monday, November 07, 2011

Socialized Illiterates?

Consider this salient into the daycare/preschool *socialization justification*:

In 1950 the average vocabulary of a child entering first grade was 4000 words. By 1990 this figure had dropped to 1000 words. Why? Because children are not read to and do not have very much quality interaction with their parents. Plus they do not pick up new words at play with their peers. And it is hard for two tired, working parents or a single parent to do much with their children at the end of the day. Many kids are simply placed in front of the TV while mom and/or dad get supper ready.
I don't know about y'all...

But I'd most certainly take a quadrupled vocabulary and keep my toddlers mainly at home if the daycare application came with such an explicit disclaimer!

In fact that's what we did here at the Nut household.

Did y'all see the staggering book list I posted of my 6 year-old son on HomeschoolDad?

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