Saturday, November 26, 2011

Obama....Trying To Catch Me


I myself got round 31 in just this morning.

Went to bed at midnight. Got up at 3:35am without an alarm...

In line at Eisenhower Park by 4:35am. I was *second* this morning but they wouldn't let us tee off until 7:56am.

Started off at 40 degrees but was an unseasonal 60+ by the end of the round. (Couldn't buy a putt. Shot 83.)

I'm starting to really enjoy playing with the characters on this muni. These guys, the ones crazy smart enough to camp out early anyway, have just as much *personality* as my South Philly jabronis - which is no small feat either.

We get to play in jeans at Eisenhower too.

Oh, what did I do all that time this morning?

I sat in the car, reading my book of course.

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