Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Mounts For Color TV Morons

I finally got around to hanging that Sony Google Internet LCD color TV - or at least I got around to getting my handy BIL to do so. (I procured it for free with my Sony Points.)

To someone like me, who doesn't have much experience with things of this nature, it's always educational to watch plumbers, carpenters, and hands-people work. While many earthlings wonder how the bleep I can get toddlers to solve math equations....I'm equally amazed by people who can change tires without a cordless cell phone!

I'm not much of color TV watcher. Heck we barely have one. This lone TV is tucked away in the guest room and is really only for me to watch DVR-ed sporting events (i.e. golf and Tom Brady).

But nevertheless I am an expert from many years of prior vegetative experience.

Most Morons make the mistake of hanging or situating televisions TOO LOW. These buffoons put the sets at a level appropriate only for slouching, couch potatoes. I tease my parents about their *TV on the floor*. So if you are standing you have to tilt your head down to see what's going on. No matter how you watch, you are going to be *practicing* bad posture.

I myself have always watched TV while lying on the floor, aligned directly in front the screen, and WITHOUT a pillow prop for my head.

So I can lengthen my spine, get an ab workout in, and do other exercises from this position while the Morons are wasting away mind AND body on the couch.

Anyways, with an LCD you pretty much HAVE TO hang it - it's the whole freakin' point!

I went even higher than normal. I put the center about 5 feet 7 inches off the floor - almost as you would a picture frame. (I think since it's web-enabled I can turn on slideshows of my photos.)

But I got a mount that not only pops out and side-to-side, but one that also tilts down 15 degrees.

4.5 stars on Amazon


Anonymous said...

I've always been amazed by people who can't do those basic things: how can you live with not being able to help yourself on so many fronts?
You're not at all alone, BTW. Seems like there is plenty of money to be made patching this, installing that everywhere I've lived.

kevin said...

Instead of having your brother in law do the next handyman task check and see if your town has an adult Ed program. The one here is great... see link (probably a waste of tax dollars but heck if I am going to be taxed either way i might as well take advantage)If you want to build a deck they teach you how do build one to code, ditto with finishing your basement or adding a bathroom, and basic auto repairs, etc.


CaptiousNut said...


Yeah, I'm helpless.

I couldn't find the Craigslist guys who'll do it for $50 around here. A great side *cash* business if I do say so myself.


My town spends money out the wazoo - but most of the adult ed classes that I have seen are fee-based.

My BIL is cheap and good. He's very anal too - a perfectionist. Once he spent over a week painting a tiny apartment; it took so long the MIL dubbed him *Picasso*! BIL got fired...a Mexican was hired and he painted the whole thing in 2 hours.

Whenever someone handy comes to my house I most definitely take advantage!

Heck it would take me 20 minutes to change wiper blades...meanwhile it took my buddy 20 seconds.

This same buddy showed me how to save $25 by changing my own taillight bulbs. But when I tried to do it, the screw stripped. Ah!!!

So I walked down the government school parking lot I was in and found the biggest dude I could. He was able to unscrew the darned thing.

There's no doubt in my mind that I could get Mr. Anonymous to do a whole pile of work for me; he'd do it gladly too.

kevin said...

What is wrong with paying a fee? 30 years ago my dad took a class on how to fix / replace brakes on a car and in today's dollars it probably cost $250-300. He probably has saved 20 times that or more since then and I have probably saved $500 or more over the years on him replacing my brake shoes compared to the auto mech.

WD-40 you should get several cans for your house and cars. Spray the screw or nut that is giving you a problem and wait 5 minutes and retry & you will be amazed at how easy things loosen. If you ever get a flat late at night with family in tow it will make changing your tire so much easier.