Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Stubborn Country Club Math

So I tallied them up...

In 2011 I played 29 rounds of golf at various golf courses from Florida up to New Hampshire.

And I spent a grand total, conservatively, of around $1,900 - or $67 per 18 holes.

I must say I was hoping that the number would come in higher, much higher in fact.

Because then I could more easily rationalize joining a local country club at $8,300 per year (weekday membership + pool).

I've always known that joining a club (in the Northeast) was a jam-job but now, after totaling up my annual golf budget for the first time in my life, I have a better appreciation for my own powers of discernment.  Who would have thought that even possible?!

I mean I could take SEVERAL out-of-state golf excursions, get a many more quality rounds in, before I even came close to that $8,300 annual nut.

Heck I'd probably rather take golf lessons from top pros (Leadbetter?) with that money than waste it on country club dues.

After all, it's far more enjoyable to say *hit laser wedges* off a dog-track then it is to hit the ball sideways off plush, illegal-immigrant-mown fairways.


Anonymous said...

you are not including the monthly food/drink purchase requirement in your equation

CaptiousNut said...

I'm not sure if the food/drink minimums are included in the $8,300 dues - at some places they are.

Cart fees can be $30+ too - that really stinks.

Would never use a caddy; they are the most worthless people on planet Earth. They're waaaaay overpaid too. In the Hamptons they make $150 a bag!

And even worse it the fact that they are carrying doubles so you don't even have their undivided attention.

Guest fees at these clubs can suck too. At one local club the guest fee is $100. Who would want to invite their friends at that rate? It puts you in the awkward position of asking your guests to pay....or the ass-up position of spending lots of additional money.