Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Hello Marc Rich Handlers

So I took my occasional glance at the web traffic referrals on my blog and saw one curious looking hit.

Somebody in Zurich, Switzerland found my recent post by a blog search of "marc rich". They were further described by my tracker as "farner pr und consulting ag".

I googled "farner" and found out that Farner is a huge PR consulting firm. Anyone want to bet that Marc Rich doesn't have them on retainer to manage his image?

Though Marc has been pardoned by President Clinton, he is still apparently afraid to come back - most assuredly for fear of new criminal charges. Here is the Wikipedia primer on Rich which I wouldn't normally even provide, but this shameless pardon was barely even mentioned by our impartial media organs.

For a second I thought that it was maybe Marc Rich himself that found my blog but I doubt that now. Lots of people google themselves; I have countless times. Greg Mankiw actually gets up each morning and does a google blog search of himself, another little tidbit that I learned from my tracking software.

Anyway I am off to Naples, Fl for a few days to play some golf and count "for sale" signs.

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Anonymous said...

Speaking of the Rich's, the richest purchasers of a pardon from criminal charges ,( formerly on the FBI's Most Wanted)by Bill Clinton , on his way out the door of the WhiteHouse, Does anyone remember wife Denise Rich's fervent support of Andrew Cuomo's failed bid for Democratic candidate for governor of NewYork ?? She was about to host a big fund-raiser in NYC in 2001, but had to cancel the event at the 11th hour because the word of the infamous Pardon had just become public and Daddy Mario didn't want the public to make the obvious connection.

One would have thought that we had seen the last of Andrew. Later, came news of his cuckoldry, when his very Liberal Democratic wife, Kathleen, daughter
of Robert, was found by Andrew , cavorting in his own bed with his best friend. ( There's a vote of confidence for Andrew !)

But, HE'S BACK..... Only in NY, presumably with the tainted money- backing of the Rich's again - not to mention the Mario Cuomo machine, we have him as aspirer to the job of Atty. General.

In addition to his NO experience (he has never practised law), he led the HUD agency , appointed by Clinton, during a major scandal. Has someone checked out his Law School academic performance ??