Thursday, August 09, 2012

The Dog Days of Blogging

Check out that massive, amazing sunset. Pic was snapped in Ocean City, NJ during our little vacation there on one of those 97 degree days.

I've been very busy, of course, this summer. Teaching accelerated math in a classroom for the first time has required a little bit of work - but I think I've got a system in place now. Anyways my 6-week class ends next week and I will welcome the break.

It's been good. It's helped me *get out there* a little more; given me experience and $$$; it's helping to establish me as THE local accelerated-math guru, AND it's helping me produce the math content for

I'm tentatively scheduled to continue teaching there on Saturdays during the school year (4.5 hours). Those POOR Asian all year long, 7-days a week!

Other stuff...

My father hit a casino jackpot for 180k this week.

But get pays out over 20 years! So he only gets something like $8,600 per year and may not even live to see the ultimate payment.

I'm queuing up blog posts for September rather than publishing them presently. Traffic is dead in the summer anyways, and I can certainly use the break.

Y'all have seen the hideous Google Ads on my website by now. This *experiment* has yielded from $6-$11 per month. And that was what I was really interested in finding out - how profitable it would be. I will leave them up for the time being, though.

The summer has been great, as it always is here in *on the Island*. Several trips into Manhattan, the state parks, the beaches, etc. We were taken out in a Boston Whaler that could go 50 mph! It was positively awesome. Thank God I wasn't paying for it - OR for the gas. The guy told me he drove it along the North Shore (of Long Island) and down to the South Fork (The Hamptons)....and it cost $1,500 in gasoline!!! Yikes.

My wife is also in *work limbo* and has been able to spend a lot of time at home lately as well - actually since February her workload has been light. So she's been able to get a lot of her academic work (Charlotte Mason, The Story of the World, etc.) done with the kids - at least between summer camps and whatnot.

I've only played two rounds of golf in the past 2 months (albeit at fancy country clubs!) since my big Wildwood golf tournament in NJ....BUT I've been hitting a bazillion balls at the driving range and my game continues to take off. In fact, I finished the 40,000 range balls I bought two years ago and had to buy another 40,000!

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Anonymous said...

Greetings C-Nut!

Its been a while.

Things look well in the household.

Quick tip on the near future markets for maple syrup up here in NH. Prices are going up. The "so called" global warming errrrrrrr. climate change impacted the recent crop. But don't worry Hellicopter Ben will save us from the added expense.

Good tip on Slightly stoopid.


CaptiousNut said...

Hey KF,

Slightly stoopid??? What does that refer to?

Not much of a maple syrup consumer myself - only eggs, fruit, beans, and protein shakes/bars for breakfast. In fact I don't know if I've ever even tried REAL maple syrup - the stuff I've heard others rave about. Seinfeld used to bring his own to the diner, right?

I do hope Bernanke is gone soon.

Anonymous said...

Slightly Stoopid the band. You commented a while back that they were pretty good and potentially my kind of music. So i checked them out. I don't listen to much of the modern music scene. Willie Nelson just released a new album with a guest appearance from Snoop Dog. "Roll me up and smoke me when I die"...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting how much you make off of Google ads. I thought you'd make a bit more than that ... time to start clicking.

CaptiousNut said...

Regulation FD here!

Apparently you have to make $100 before Google pays you.

That's an annoying 1099 situation....that'll seek to avoid.

west coast tom said...

Slightly Stoopid are/is huge is in SoCal.