Thursday, September 19, 2013

Destroying This Country!

These are sad times.

The whole country is collecting food stamps and pensions from freshly printed money.

And they think because the stock market is roaring....that all is well.

The media is of course a bunch of lying SOBs; the public is fat, lazy, and even more grossly ignorant about what's really going on.

The government has grown out of control - probably beyond the point where it could ever peacefully be reined in. At this point it's pure tyranny.

In an unfunny "laugher":

In the statement, the Fed says that the economy is growing moderately and that some indicators of labor market conditions have shown improvement. But it noted that rising mortgage rates and government spending cuts are restraining growth.

What effin' government spending cuts?

The Fed (and every other institution, public OR private) has become a naked advocate for Big Gov, er for itself! And the media of course propagates this without any scrutiny. Washington press releases are essentially "news" these days.

I can't help but feel like I'm watching a train wreck, in HD, in slow motion.

I do try to avert my eyes...

Heck, I'll probably get audited for writing these blog posts one day...


Anonymous said...


It is hard to believe the lies and deception that are passed along via the MSM every day. It will end badly for sure.

But I am reminded by something my Dad always said, just because something is inevitable, does not make it imminent.

Who knows how long this charade will go on. I would have thought that it would have ended by now with complete dollar destruction.

I am thinking we will not get through 2014 without a major 'event'

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Today, with the market near what I think is likely a top, I just thought of checking out your blog (since I hadn't in months) to see if you had anything to say about the market being so overvalued, and I see you haven't posted since Sept 21st. Wondering when this bubble will pop again?