Monday, August 25, 2014

Ice Bucket Morons

I've actually heard Morons say there were against it on account of "wasting water".

AND one of my, I'm embarrassed to say, eFF-book friends actually collected the water in a kiddie pool and promised to "dump it on his lawn."

1) Watering the lawn is considered by the same fools to be a "waste" of water!

2) 80% of all water usage is in agriculture. So a bucket is quantitatively beyond irrelevant. (So are low-flush toilets and whatnot too.)

I did really enjoy those *fails* so it takes some of the pain (of bearing the F-book posts ) away.

But every cause/company on Earth is going to study the success of the ice bucket challenge and try to replicate it with another stupid stunt.

BTW, if you want to get out of it you can:

1) Ignore challenges like I did.

2) Tell people you are against the charity on account of *embryonic stem cell research*.

It almost goes without saying that it's not really a tough *challenge* either.

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