Monday, January 14, 2008

The Mail-Order Bride - An End Around

Remember my old friend Perry Eidelbus? For you newbies, he's a pissant little blogger that I had to Marginalize a while back. See this post and then the second half of this post.

Guess what? The knucklehead just got engaged. He's posted this pic on his site:

Good for him! Not a bad looking broad either. All this time, with his petulance, metrosexual tendencies, and his man-crush on Chris Daughtry I thought he may have been a closet invert.

Now compare the recent pic above with an older shot of his mug.

Even though he's hiding his residual corpulence behind the pretty girl, it's obvious that he's shed some pounds. Again I say, good for him! (There may have been some Hillary Clinton-esque airbrushing too; even to the undiscerning eye it's clear the topography of his face has been altered.)

Now here's what's bad for him. In the second round of our tussle, I admonished him for his utter self-obliviousness. Apparently, he hasn't noticeably self-improved in that department.

I hadn't read his blog for, gee, at least 8-10 months - perhaps even longer. So, just seeing his proud engagement announcement I figured he had been dating this girl for a while and was doing what most everyone (guys AND gals) does when they near age 30 - i.e. he settled.

I inferred from his blog that the girl was Filipino and that he had proposed to her over in the Philippines. I guessed that maybe the couple was on vacation, traveling, or whatnot. I assumed that she was an NYC resident like him because dating is usually a function of propinquity. But in the back of my mind I had a hunch there was more to the story. He writes:

I should add...I still cannot fully appreciate how lucky I am to have her. There are some complications to sort out before we can get married, but I know she's the miracle of my life, and if we've waited all our lives to find each other, we can wait a little longer.

Aha! There's a green card issue.

Now, I am not saying it doesn't happen, that couples don't meet and fall in love at first sight and get engaged, but c'mon. What Third World girl wouldn't be eager to marry their way to the richest country on Earth? After all, two years hence they can divorce, collect alimony, stay in the country, and easily find an uptick for a spouse. Only a complete Moron would stay in the slum-ridden Philippines over the chance to come here - even if they have to marry a Trekki.

My question to y'all is this:

Doesn't this count as a "mail-order bride"?

I could be wrong but I couldn't find any other mention of this girl before his "engagement announcement". I mean we are talking about the Philippines here - one of the modern meccas of mail-order brides. The only difference is that he did the ordering "in person". Hence the "end around".

Now I am not insinuating that this marriage won't be lasting or happy - if it does in fact pass Homeland Security vetting. Romance-based marriages or, as many call them "love marriages", have probably proven less secure over time than arranged marriages and unions of mutual convenience.

The issue I take with Perry is his reckless lack of self-awareness. I've already cataloged his profound self-obliviousness in that other post and now I have to add this to it. Who the heck in their right mind uses their real name on a blog and announces to the planet that they essentially went the mail-order bride route?

Perry writes:

But I don't mind, because there's only one girl for me now.

So with all apologies to the single women of the world, Perry is now taken.

Oh really? The women were crawling over him in the Big Apple? Hah! He's more of a fridge-magnet than a babe-magnet!!!

My second choice for this blog's name was:

What To Do When You Can't Find A Date In NYC, A City Of 8.2 Million...

UPDATE - Perry has blocked my direct links to his posts. So to get to his blog from here, one must right-click on my links, copy the shortcut, and paste into another browser tab or window. For more on this childish tactic of his - click here.


Anonymous said...

This is below the caliber of your other posts.
You clearly have superb intellectual and analytical qualities at your disposal. And there is no dearth of truly dangerous morons to marginalize.
Maybe you'd consider giving some of them a well earned broadside from your aforementioned capabilities?

Homeless Diver said...

Well, there are some things to note:

He called you a racist, but somehow its OK that his family only wanted him to marry a Filipina (which is just as racist as a father telling his daughter that she better not be messin' with them' thar niggar boys)

He lists his location as being in NewYork...and threatened physical violence against you in public and involving your face with concrete - that is simple 'terroristic threatening', a legal term that has been around since before 9/11. It can be enacted upon pre-conviction by arrest warrant and detention for psychological evaluation in the State of New York.

The goal seems to be to get her to the US, so that would seem like a mail-order bride.

He spends a lot of time doing the Filipino-Pride angle...for a country and culture that he desperately doesn't want to live in with his new wife.

The comment about airbrushing the pic, Perhaps he wasn't aware that every major professional photographer in the US of A typically photoshops every single proof in hopes of getting more prints sold. This is not new, been like that since the 70's...they used simple diffusion back then.

I love his comment about being able to get any girl he wanted...I was living with a Norwegian male model for a while recently and even HE couldn't make that claim.

I haven't seen any girls do a 'hair toss' since around 1990.

I can tell you exactly why he giving money to a "charity" the thousands of US passport holders I have known that got married to a native Filipina, one thing has NEVER failed to happen. They are asked for money. By the family. By the neighbors. Suddenly, there are relatives that need money for medical reasons, or the breadmaker of the house died and they need a little cash to help them thru the times. Or trickier, and not as common, suddenly a charity appears and they get all sorts of people in on it and before you know it, you're sponsoring kids in school because it makes you feel good and its only an even thousand and--oh yea--that kinda cements the wedding deal with the family.

Families act like they have the right to refuse on behalf of their daughters here. Not true. I've even seen a Mayor make that claim, right before he had this certain orphanage that needed a new roof..

I decided not to leave any of those comments on his own blog though, I have no doubt they would be deleted.

CaptiousNut said...


This made my morning!

Thanks so much for alerting me to his masterful retort. He could have just ignored my post, instead he drew it to the attention of all his readers. We are going to have to file that act in the "self-oblivious" file as well.

Homeless Diver said...

and yes, he deleted even my mundane and mostly sanitized comments. oh well...I'm going to text myself some company over here for the night, because thats the way 90% of this country rolls ;-)

Pinoy said...

I'm from the Philippines and I was offended by the comment about my country in this article. There is a common belief that Filipinas seeking white husbands are motivated by a desire to live in a richer country. Really a number of Filipinas seeking white husbands are happy to live with their rich white husband in the Philippines instead of immigrating to the white man's country. Many white men have migrated here and sadly I feel many are behaving as if they are kings in my country.