Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Most Underrated Sports

In the spirit of the ongoing Olympics...

At the top of my list would be ping pong. Though it's hardly underrated in the world *outside of America*. It's a game of reflex, strategy, and psychological warfare - as far as I am concerned. I love smashing weak volleys so they bounce up and sting my opponent in the face.

Next up would be another racquet sport - badminton. Watch this video below.

And now for one last racquet sport - squash. Though I've never really gotten to play it, it seems to be a more refined game than racquet ball. There's more strategy; less brawn. ESPN used to broadcast these types of sports but it seems they don't anymore. It's now all poker and X-Games.

The last game I will list today is ultimate frisbee. For sure, many of you 'old coots' aren't even familiar with it. I would say that generally speaking, it plays like football - though with a disc. There are two end zones and rules for advancement. Read up on it here on Wikipedia.

Watch the highlights of the University of Michigan's 2006 team below:

It was a bit of a surprise to learn way back that there is more than one way (traditional backhand) to throw a disc. There's the forehand, the overhead, and, for good players, all these throws with the off-hand as well.

Here's one other item on "ultimate", as it's called. I believe there are no referees. Players must sort out infractions amongst themselves. My parents wouldn't know whom to yell at!

Is lacrosse worthy of this blog post?

I don't think so - too many meatheads and not enough grace.

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