Friday, August 29, 2008

Snobbier Than Thou

The other night I was out with my brother-in-law at a pub one town over. At around 9:45pm some 'old coot' comes in and orders dinner. "Work late tonight?", I asked him.

We got to talking. Mostly I got to listening as the guy had little interest in me beyond the town I lived in.

"Oh, they are snobby there. We have plenty of wealth in Scituate, but it's not in-your-face, like where you're from...", he lectured.

Whatever. Let the guy ramble. I am scarcely defined by the town I currently reside in. I've lived in 5 different cities/towns over the past 7 years.

Now let me just tell you, that not more than five minutes later, I learned that this guy:

  • Owns some major industrial manufacturer in Massachusetts.
  • Winters in Palm Beach, Florida.
  • Owns "a few antique cars" and "a few boats".
  • And has a place at, as he so humbly put it, at "The Vineyard".

That would be "Martha's Vineyard" - not exactly a cheap place to visit, no less own on.

Hah! So much for others throwing wealth in faces!

Later on I jabbed him a bit, but nothing like what I did to that old coot on Boylston Street.


Anonymous said...

Strange. something similar happened to me numerous times. I grew up in back bay/beacon hill. my 'friends' from scituate would always make ridiculous comments about how snobby that area was/is...and then promptly ask to come over...and then stay the weekend. One time, one kid didn't know it was my house. as we were walking out the door, the kid goes "hey (not knowing my name) check out this sweet leather coat I jacked." Me, "yeah, nice coat, my Mom got that for me for christmas."

that was the last time I saw/heard from him.

Anonymous said...

Losing your touch?

CaptiousNut said...

Two very funny comments!

I know exactly who anonymous is too!


I think you should tell me that kid's full name so we can give him credit on the web. Or at least we can find some way to mess with him and/or exact revenge.