Thursday, March 28, 2013

Boston, Bailed Out?

I harbor a strong belief that if the Boston professional sports teams hadn't done so well over the past 13 years...

That the New England area would have suffered a significantly larger population decline.

Think I'm nuts?  Think I'm a Moron?

Well I'm most certainly not a Moron.

Look, I grew up there and I remember what it was like when the Patriots sucked royally and when the Red Sox were chronic chokers (a la the Philadelphia Eagles!).

The Red Sox are looking to BLOW for a long time now.  The Celtics are about to begin *rebuilding*.  And Tom Brady can't have more than 2-3 magical years left.  So then what?  What is everyone going to treat their misery, their SAD with?

Yes.  Those stubborn 'old coots' are moving to Florida.  And I'll bet a bunch more decided recently.

This winter has been harsh.  I saw a pic of reader Private Caller in his Central Massachusetts driveway....and the snow bank was nearly up to his eyeballs.  And he's a big guy too, measuring 6 foot 3.

Yes it would have to be a very bad winter to get some of those rock heads to move south.  But here's some proof that it's been a *hell frozen over* situation: biological father actually started paying someone to plow his driveway!

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