Monday, June 27, 2011

Alternative Vacation Idea

Apparently now you can *vacation* on a farm. See -

My first wife always complains about my alternative vacation ideas: camping (trailer!) in Maine, homeschool convention in Ohio, canoe trip/camping on Delaware River, etc.

Though crashing at a farm sounds like fun to me - and the kids would surely love it - I have a feeling that if my wife wakes up to the smell of steamy manure and sunrise roosters she might stop bluffing and finally divorce me!

BTW, I don't think it's necessarily cheap. The couple I looked at are far from youth hostel rates at $100+ per night.


Laura said...

This strikes me funny. Most Americans are only a few generations removed from farming themselves, just long enough to romanticize things like back breaking work, ever present smells, exposure to all kinds of weather, long hours of child labor, lots of manure (under the fingernails too). That's what it's like here, except it's not picturesque enough to expect anyone to pay. I'll be telling my kids that they're living it up on our "farm stay."

CaptiousNut said...


It is indeed interesting for people like me to experience what might be mundane/tedious for others. My generation (me too) can't even change a flat tire for crying out loud. When I'm around someone who's handy (or farmy) I almost feel like I'm conversing with an Ancient Greek philosopher or something.

A big thing for me is, however, clean sheets every night. Turn down service and a pillow-mint is almost a must too. If I'm going to pay $100+ a night...only a Moron would fall for that *save the planet, use dirty sheets and towels* hotel ruse.

Farmers would probably kill to have proximity to NYC. Apple picking is something like $40 a bag just north of Manhattan in Westchester County. The vineyards on Eastern LI clean up too - even though the wine sucks.