Friday, June 17, 2011

Avuncular Impropriety

Are you a baby butt-pincher?

I never was.

But my inlaw BILs are - all three of them.

My daughter's 5 now and I think it's wholly inappropriate for them to be grabbing the Princess' little bum. In fact my blood boils at the mere thought of this - and I might be prone to some f-bombs and threats should I witness it again.

I mean, what would they think if I was grabbing their 8, 12, 17, and 20 year old daughters' rumps? I myself don't think it's EVER appropriate for a man to revel in the butt of another man's child. At the very least, there's definitely a cut-off point, an age when this activity must cease. But as a male WITH A CLUE I myself have never and would never even touch ANY other child in almost any fashion.

Men are simply not to be trusted in these matters. It's an all-risk, zero-reward situation. They can admire....without touching..

In fact, every once in a while parents, *moms*, will leave their daughter at my house for playdates with my daughter. But honestly, I would never leave my young kids at a house, alone, with a male. I wouldn't leave my kids with me! So I try to arrange this stuff only on days when my wife is home - AND I'm sure to advertise her presence.

What kills me is the sheer stupidity of these men. Only a complete Moron would open themselves up to *accusation*.

I don't really know what my plan should be. I could be pre-emptive and tell them all to stop. But then when they inevitably do it again due to a pronounced lack of self-control, I might go even more ape-$hit at the defiance.


Anonymous said...

I so completely agree with you on this. I find this utterly ridiculous! And I would never leave my kids alone with a male and I hope I never get put in a spot where I have to do that in some situation and it gets super embarrassing when I refuse to do so. I see some kids being picked up by an older man at my kid's school and I am amazed at the level of trust involved there. I am kind of surprised to read this post because I kind of assumed culturally most people who grow up here are not overly worried about these sort of gestures...because people display affection more publicly anyway...

floridakotan said...

Inappropriate, disrespectful and creepy to boot. I suggest you nip it in the bud. Tell your girl it's wrong also. It would be a shame for her to grow into a young woman who thinks its acceptable for men to do that to her. My rule of thought and what I teach my kids is that there are two categories of touches: giving touches and taking touches. Whether it's tickling, snuggling, kissing, hugging, it's only OK to give those touches if the recipient wants it. If the recipient voices or displays discomfort or annoyance, you stop! Otherwise you are taking from them and its wrong. (I am still trying to teach my playful side-pinching husband this! :) ) I applaud you for looking out for your girl. Our world needs more hero-dads!

CaptiousNut said...

And the thing is, *women* have no idea how perverted men are. I mean they think they do but haven't a clue!