Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Extortionary Church Taxes

We just signed up my son for CCD (Catholic church school) for next year.

Guess how much they are CHARGING for the classes plus the *first communion* fee...

How about $195 !!!

Okay - the teachers are volunteers and they simply use the extant school buildings. So what exactly is the money for?

As I've mentioned before (I think).... in 30+ years and at nearly 10 different parishes, the Catholic Church has NEVER ONCE asked me for my *time*, only money.


Anonymous said...

That is one funny picture! I can just imagine the little protestant boys teasing from the other side of the street.

As for paying to be educated in your parish, this is not the Catholic way. I'm very sad to hear such things, but I am not surprised since you are on the liberal coast. Get involved and shake things up. Read the Bible and the Catechism to some of those liberal morons and have a blast.

CaptiousNut said...

I have good mind to give one of the priests an (undeserved) verbal lashing.

This is just the inevitable course of all big institutions.

Kevin said...

The money is probably for overhead. Keeping old buildings running ain't cheap. Insurance if they can get it probably costs a pretty penny, and so does utilities.

What Churches have you gone to, mine have never been shy about asking for volunteers.

CaptiousNut said...


The buildings are new and already in use at the 10k per year private school. Kids are only there for an hour.

Find out for me how much CCD for grade 2 costs at your church.

There are 2 collections each mass (5 or 6 weekly masses). Plus they do never ending fund drives on top of that.

This is a revenue grab, pure and simple, from a wealthy church.

The apostles would be mortified!

Kevin said...

I'll ask my sister this weekend.

I don't know about your church but the one I go to in Northern Virginia has two collections every Sunday too. The second collection usually goes to some charity outside of the parish.

Then again you could be getting the Catholic Charity treatment. If you adopt a kid here there are 2 or 3 charities that the county approves to do the home inspection, and the follow-up reports to make sure the adoptive family is not a bunch of bums. Catholic Charity charges upper middle class & rich folks more and uses the excess fees to subsidize the fee for the poor & middle class folks. So maybe your fees are subsidizing the fees for others or some other program(s).

kevin said...

My sister said that CCD costs her $150 per child or $300 per year & when just her oldest went it cost $175 per year.

CaptiousNut said...

I'd like to figure out some productive way to donate my *teaching ability* - which is the best thing I have to offer. Let the rich retards give money...