Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Feeding A Book Monster

Today flew by and I didn't really *assign* my son much to do other than a half page of Kumon's Grade 6 Word Problems that we had to redo from yesterday.

The 6.58 year old Prince got up this morning and spent 1.5 hours on BrainPop.com; we played a game of chess; and the next thing you know, after a Cub Scout party from 4pm-7pm, the day was over.

I guess I was ignoring him while I went about my boring daily business: managing the trash, making beds, serving meals, doing dishes, sifting through piles of email, etc. Anyways he read that book today - 39 Clues, Book 10: Into the Gauntlet.

Big deal, right?

Well it has 327 pages!

Furthermore, he had to finish up Book 9 first - which had 30-40 pages remaining early this morning.

The reading has gotten a little out of control lately. I walk through the house tripping over library books all day long. I pick them up and ask him if he's read them....invariably it's "Yes". Then I take them downstairs and set them next to his computer so he can add them to his *Books Read* Google Doc which I copy-and-paste into the paperwork I submit to the school district.

I just hope I can get him to graduate from prolific reader to prolific writer...

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Laura said...

That's the danger, we're raising kids who will clearly be smarter than us.

Beth said...

The prolific reader to prolific writer transition will happen, especially if given lots of opportunity. Happened for me at about age 10 (?) when I realized that I loved reading stories so I should write some (also, when I ran out of interesting books to read from the library.)

CaptiousNut said...


They'll certainly be more accomplished....but *smarter*?


We've had more than a few instances of leaving the library empty-handed. I hate to force books on him like my wife!

Thankfully he found that 39 Clues series a couple months ago. Now that it's exhausted he needs to find something else. The first thing he said to me this morning was that he needed to go to the library.