Monday, June 20, 2011

I'd Pardon This Guy

If you read the article you'll learn that even *minus 2 mutts*....that this person has another 4 dogs!

Ain't nothing like living next to SIX BLEEPIN' BARKING DOGS!

Sounds like an animal collector that probably had 10 cats too...

Google is helpful in these matters:

Though I'm thinking it's probably better to make the animals/evidence *disappear* than to leave a trail of meatball clues.

You know in the old days you never had to pay lawyers and endure 12 months of court to kick out a delinquent tenant. You used to just pay a couple of large Italian guys $500 to go over and throw the bums out.

I'm thinking that this meatball murderer might have been better off hiring some Chinese guy to take care of his problem...

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