Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Still Body Hacking

You know I've never been able to use one of those inflatable friends because, well for one thing I can't blow them up.

In fact I can't blow up any of even the smaller balloony type things like balls and water-wings.

I could be an incompetent Moron who doesn't do it correctly (I am squeezing open the valve, I think) but more likely it's just that I have very poor lung capacity/strength.

I've just always been a natural mouth-breather and it was only recently in the past few years that I discovered that I wasn't utilizing my nasal passage AT ALL in the course of my breathing.

While I've taken to yoga in the past few years, I would say that I still have not fixed this problem of mine.

With my tournament over, I'm currently taking a break from golf and I've decided to really change-up the focus of my fitness regimen - and I'm starting with a plan to improve my lung capacity.

Also on the agenda: more running (60 second sprints broken up by 60 second walks), a stab at total immersion swimming in Long Island Sound (only 500 yards away from our house), a whole lot more of Tim Ferriss' *cat vomit* exercises, and the possible purchase of a weight bench (I've never benched before!) and a chin-up bar.

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