Tuesday, June 07, 2011

New Jersey - The Armpit Of American Education

I can't believe that I hadn't already heard of this documentary film on the rampant corruption in New Jersey government schools:

They say in Newark alone there are over 400 administrators making over 100k per year!

There are plenty more clips on YouTube. And you can also visit the film's website for more information.

Apparently the full film is on Netflix too - for those of you that subscribe.


Anonymous said...


just look in CA...even fireman make more than in 100K - in pension !!! not even the regular salary.

I am not kidding.

The school teachers, municipal/city administrators, police, state troopers, fireman - the list goes on. All these folks (well, significant portion of them) make over $100K easily in salaries (& in pensions too).

I feel bad working in private industry.

I tell you the unions, the .gov workers, the congressmen, the wall.streeters, the lawyers, and even the "poor" (handouts, foodstamps, "disability" benifits etc) - all making out good in one or other.

Only the remaining folks - the ones that actually pay taxes, work in private industry, middle-class, savers, renters (not bad last couple years, but was worst last 10-20 yrs), etc -

You know, the prudent, savers, - hardworking kind ? They get royally screwed. Go Figure.

Cathyb said...

While I actually agree with the overall premise of this series, I think the math used to calculate cost per classroom was a little misleading. They used the cost per student and then multiplied it per number of students in a particular classroom. However the cost per student is for all their classes, not just that one, and so to be totally accurate they really should divide the cost per student by the number of classes each student takes and then multiply by the number of students in a particular class to determine the cost per classroom. With a majority of my education and career in the sciences, I am used to looking for ways that people manipulate data for their own purposes. But I do agree that there is a general lack of accountability to tracking how that money is being used within the school system, especially is seems in New Jersey.

CaptiousNut said...


He addressed that critique in *uploader comments*.

See YouTube. Scroll down to just beneath the video.

I haven't thought about it myself one way or another.


How exactly to you work completely in *private industry*? That's hard to pull off in this day and age of ubiquitous Big Gov meddling/distorting.